Geloof en geloven

Culturele achtergrond, geloof en opvoeding zijn (sterk) van invloed op jouw rouwverwerking. Voor het schrijven van mijn blogs en mijn boek, helpen de boeken in deze categorie om rouwverwerking onder verschillende invalshoeken te kunnen bekijken.

The Hermetica
(The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaos)

Authors Timoty Freke and Peter Gandy; Published by Tarcher/Penguin; ISBN 978 15 854 2692 8

The figure of Hermes was venerated as a great and mythical teacher in the anciant world, and was rediscoverd by some of the finest minds of the Renaissance. The writings to this hand are a time capsule of Egyptian and Greek esoteric philosophy and have influenced figures including Blake, Newton, Milton, Shakespeare, Botticelly, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jung.

Here is the first truly accessible compendium of the mystical phylosophy attributed to the legendary sage-god Hermes Trismegistus (Greek for thrice greatest Hermes) – a combination of the Egyptian Toth (from at least 3000 BCE) and the Greek Hermes. The Hermetica is a fascinating introduction to the intersection of the Egyptian and the Hellenic cultures and the magico-religious ideas of the antique world. It is an essential and illuminating volume for anyone interested in the understanding the West’s roots in Egyptian and esoteric thought.

Boeddhisme voor dummies

Auteurs Jonathan Landaw, Stephan Bodian en Gudrun Bühnemann; BBNC Uitgevers; ISBN 978 90 453 5182 7

Boeddhisme is een fascinerende Oosterse religie die nog steeds aan populariteit wint in de Westerse samenleving. Wat betekent het om een boeddhist te zijn? Waar ligt de oorsprong en wat zijn de beginselen van deze religie? In de tweed editie van Boeddhisme voor Dummies komen alle facetten van de boeddhistische cultuur en toepassing in de praktijk aan bod. Het bevat informatie over de verschillende boeddhismescholen – waaronder Theravada, Tibetaans boeddhisme en Mahayana – en besteedt aandacht aan de Dalai Lama.

Islam voor dummies

Auteur Malcolm Clark; BBNC Uitgevers; ISBN 978 90 453 5330 2

Je hoeft geen moslim te zijn om meer van de islam af te willen weten. In dit toegankelijke boek maak je kennis met de gebruiken van de islam, waaronder de Vijf Zuilen en de rituelen bij belangrijke gebeurtenissen zoals geboorte, huwelijk en overlijden. Je leest over het belang van Mohammed en de koran en over de verschillende islamitische groeperingen en sekten. Bovendien ontdek je hoe de islam zich in de loop van de tijd heeft ontwikkeld en welke relaties er zijn tussen de islam, het christendom en het jodendom.

Message for the Tribe of Many Colors

Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther); Publisher Earth Mother Publishing; ISBN 978 09 836 9640 7

Humanity now stands on the threshold of an immense spiritual transformation that has been prophesied to come at this time on Earth by almost all ancient and indigenous cultures, This unique and much-awaited book – by one of the most inspired young female voices for change on the planet – will open your heart and your eyes to the deep mysteries of existence. Through moving personal memoir and prophetic revelation, Little Grandmother shares teachings and visions directly given to her by her spirit guides and Mother Earth. She shows how the key to ascending with Mother Earth into a higher state lies hidden in our own hearts, in the remembrance of who we really are. In these pages are simple but powerful keys to our spiritual evolution at this time, and visions of the profound changes in store for the Earth and humanity in the coming years. By remembering what we onze knew as human beings and by returning to our hearts, we can change our future and shift into something more beautiful than we ever imagined.

The Twelve Gates
(A spiritual passage through the Egyptian Books of the Dead)

Author John A. Rush; Publisher Frog Books; ISBN 978 15 839 4175 1

This book is about the countless stories we tell to comfort, entertain, and instruct each other about the mysterious processes of life and death. The Twelve Gates comes from very old Egyptian mythic themes brought up-to-date in some places, but the essential story line has changed little over the millennia – become a decent, illuminated human being and you will be positively judged as such on earth, in heaven, or hell. The requisite for spiritual life has less to do with what you believe and more to do with how you behave. The Egyptian Book of the Dead and its predecessors may be along the oldest spiritual writings of humankind, and remain rich sources of wisdom we apply to this day and age. The twelve Gates in this book are stages the souls goes through in its passage towards becoming an illuminated human being as well as preparing for one’s eventual passage through the “The Dark Gate,” that other side of life.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge, Introduced by John Romer; Publisher Penguin Group; ISBN 978 01 404 5550 2

The Egyptian Book of the Dead ia a unique collection of funerary texts from a wide variety of sources, dating from the 15th to the 4th century BEC. Consisting of spells, prayers and incantations, each section contains instructions to enable the dead to overcome obstacles and establish themselves in the Egyptian afterlife. The papyri were often left in sarcophagi to travel with the dead on their journey, and were full of advice about the ferrymen, gods and kings they would meet on the way. Offering valuable insights into ancient Egypt, The Egyptian Book of the Dead has also long inspired fascination with the occult and the afterlife.